Sunday, November 28, 2010


Wash'Allan JK | വഷളന്‍ ജേക്കെ @ Sunday, November 28, 2010
One diminutive brain was my sign-in gift,
Concealed in a membrane vest,
Left me in a sleeping bag
And let it evolve to peanut big

Blissful droplets tucked in love
Wisdom funneled in through a duct
When sunlight swathed my face
Tiny were my wisdom cells

Teaching soaked in tender care
Spiced up lessons for life galore
"Son, you are now a useful creature
Go ahead and make your future"

Left alone with my learning cap
Good and bad filled my cap
Now I look at what is there
Is that all I want to share?

No, I won't share as it is
Let him become what he is
I'll let him choose his way
But will be there to watch him play

My son, I won't fill in all your mind
Promise you the tools to find
You have then the make of mind
To explore, become one of a kind