Sunday, November 28, 2010


Wash'Allan JK | വഷളന്‍ ജേക്കെ @ Sunday, November 28, 2010
One diminutive brain was my sign-in gift,
Concealed in a membrane vest,
Left me in a sleeping bag
And let it evolve to peanut big

Blissful droplets tucked in love
Wisdom funneled in through a duct
When sunlight swathed my face
Tiny were my wisdom cells

Teaching soaked in tender care
Spiced up lessons for life galore
"Son, you are now a useful creature
Go ahead and make your future"

Left alone with my learning cap
Good and bad filled my cap
Now I look at what is there
Is that all I want to share?

No, I won't share as it is
Let him become what he is
I'll let him choose his way
But will be there to watch him play

My son, I won't fill in all your mind
Promise you the tools to find
You have then the make of mind
To explore, become one of a kind

Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Ode to My Friend

Wash'Allan JK | വഷളന്‍ ജേക്കെ @ Saturday, October 24, 2009

The trail was empty and so was I
When western sky was sinking …
A mighty tangerine about to fall
Crimson leaves were dipped in gold
I felt brown, morning till night
Calmness chilled my soul…

Then someone waved me at the trail
His eyes gleamed behind frozen glasses
He was genuine, warm and bubbly
A wind of warmth gushed to me
That’s when I met my friend…
Heavenly love and kindness felt
And I made a friend forever


As days passed…
Trees, weary of red, turned to gray
Gusty winds merciless and wicked
Drained them into naked bones
Curly clouds chocked waning sunshine
And I felt gray, morning till night

I did not walk the trail for long…
While lazy me was slumbering deep
He did look  for me out there…

Feathery clouds tickled mountains
Trees were hanging icicle lights
Sky met snow and braced forever
And I felt white, morning and night
Let’s give my friend a name…
"I’d call him my best friend,
Best ever soul, I ever did meet…"

Sun was set free from exile
And was laughing like a kid…
Florets waved in soothing breeze
Night was clear and soft as silk
Stars winked a silly game
I felt rainbow, day and night


Seasons might change after all…
Friends give us spring always…
In our lives and all around
Fires up cheer to one and all
Turns icy cold to fireside feel…
We don’t meet you everyday
But we keep freinds in our hearts…
I love my friend in Summer, Spring
I love my friend in Fall and Winter

And I love my friend ever and ever…

-- Dedidated to all my freinds. Inspired by a recent get-together with some old friends

Monday, October 19, 2009

Everyday life patterns

Wash'Allan JK | വഷളന്‍ ജേക്കെ @ Monday, October 19, 2009
If you ever worked in software design, you might have come across "Design Patterns". Briefly, they are reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems. Being a "congenital lazy boy", I have been a good proponent of reuse and invariably addicted to stealing... "Why the heck reinvent wheel, when someone had done it already?"

Building, configuring and managing software solutions is something I was doing for considerably long time now. Guys, I admit it is boring; however it is my only meal ticket so far... Off late, this has been devastatingly boring that I came up with some creative ways to put professional boredom behind me. Here is the trick... Vent my junk talk to innocent bystanders…

Any corporate conglomerate is a behaviorally complex ecosystem where lots of fishes muddle through... People often draw unwritten contracts and hold others accountable to an invisible contract. Most people expect others to communicate or fulfill their requests in the manner they would have acted under the same scenario.
I consistently observed this pattern in my daily work life. And whenever I did not comprehend exact requirements - i.e, scope and deadlines - I got into trouble. I got into further trouble when my gut told me that there may an iceberg behind the cold and failed to talk about it. Finally I learned it the hard way - that there is a behavioral pattern in any relationship, be it official or personal... I'd call it "The Contract Pattern".

So, what is a contract? Merriam Webster dictionary tells me "a binding agreement between two or more persons or parties". And, why is it important in our lives?

Suppose your wife tells you to “please do X”. And you respond “Yes”. So a contract is created. If you do not understand the 5 W’s, to some reasonably good level, there is a problem.
• What? (What you want)
• When? (When you want)
• Where? (If applicable, where you want)
• Why? (If applicable…It may help you appreciate the request more)
• How? (How do I make sure that you are satisfied)
If you are not on the same page on these items, you may probably leave the requester grumbling, even though you might have done a good job.

So, always remember to have a good understanding on what you are providing and confirm you are on the right track. And communicate, there is no such thing as “over-communication”in my experience…

And hopefully now on, people won’t yell at you. 

Good luck!